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Self-contained, van systems providing the technology and comfort to enable long, on-station times in a secure compartment.

    • Each vehicle’s devices and system configuration are selected to meet each user’s specific needs.
    • Each SP 1099 system incorporates the newest available and proven device technology. 
    • SP 1099 systems are designed to keep on-station system set up and operation as simple as possible.
    • Proprietary system devices are kept to a minimum to facilitate easy device replacements and upgrades.



Devices that comprise SP 1099 systems include:

  • Periscopes and Additional Remote - Controlled Cameras Security Cameras
  • Flat Screen Monitors
  • Digital Video Recorders, DVD-R
  • Video Printers
  • Audio Recording for “Wire” and Tactical Audio
  • Motion Detectors and Quad Processors
  • 360-Degree Microphone Coverage

Operations compartment features include:

  • Quiet running compressor-based A/C, AGM type batteries to ensure long, on-station times.
  • A light-tight compartment with red and white interior illumination.
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