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SpectraCall Covert Cellular Body Wire provides live audio recording with secure remote monitoring

SpectraCall is a powerful tool for monitoring and tracking all surveillance operations.

All data is uploaded to our secure, Law Enforcement exclusive server.
SpectraCall mobile phones monitor conversations, track GPS Location, record Text and Call

Logs, record Live Calls and much more.

SpectraCall runs entirely in the background, discreetly, even responding to invisible remote
text commands, and offers remote settings configuration from our powerful, easy to use web panel.


SpectraCall offers unlimited minutes in multiple user levels tailored to your Agency or Department’s unique surveillance needs.



  • Functions on any Android Smartphone – use your existing equipment, no hardware to purchase
  • Can be used as a conventional phone at the same time the phone is sending all audio and data to the SpectraCall secure server
  • Records both incoming and outgoing calls with name, number, date and time
  • Authorized listeners can monitor audio at the same time from anywhere
  • Unlimited minutes, no maximum or running out of credits
  • Record and make calls while transmitting audio and data to authorized listeners
  • Can be used as an interview recorder; other team members can listen in live
  • Listen to audio without calling phone
  • Log in to the secure server from any device and begin listing immediately
  • Discreet application is undetectable to tech savvy mobile users
  • No indication of recording in progress; no sounds or lights
  • Automatic labeling of each recording with name, number, date and time
  • Remotely configure settings from web panel
  • Can upload photos and video to the remote server

Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only

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