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Frequently the logistics of a surveillance site mandate extending the range of sensors and other low-powered surveillance transmitters because of distance or terrain. The SC 205BP Backpack Repeater provides a flexible solution to this need to relay transmitted surveillance signals to fixed or mobile receivers located discreetly away from the surveillance area. The SC 205BP hardware is installed within a common backpack that can be worn during an operation or placed unobtrusively at the area of interest.

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SpectraCom 205 VHF Repeater



For remote surveillance the SP-949 can be mounted inside a vehicle and left unattended for up to 8 hours with the optional APU-12 battery pack. The unit can be controlled remotely from any location via a laptop or desktop computer.
Remote mobile covert surveillance is now possible with the SP-949. Since the SP-949 uses high-speed cellular network, there is no waiting for the phone or cable company to connect your covert camera.
Quick deployment is assured with the SP-949 as it is packaged in a rugged field case and no tools are required. Mounted in a vehicle with limo tinting the SP-949 is virtually undetectable by anyone approaching the vehicle.

Remote PTZ control and video from the camera are sent via Wi-Fi or high-speed cellular network modem link between the host computer and the SP-949. All camera parameters can be adjusted to compensate for various conditions such as poor lighting.

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