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The SpectraTrak is a fully certified quad-band integrated platform that provides GSM/GPRS functionality for covert mobile tracking applications. Its integrated GPS/A-GPS capabilities include tracking up to 14 satellites and location reporting through SMS and GPRS.
The SpectraTrak can be tracked via a secure website accessed by computer, PDA or cell phone. SpectraTrak features the most secure website tracking site in the industry. Certified secure by McAfee (HackerSafe) and SSL Certification, tracking information is protected by encryption, software, and multiple firewalls.
Our easy-to-use "dashboard" controls allow you to adjust and control your tracking information: set tracking parameters, track in real-time, set up to eight independent Geo-Fences simultaneously, enable “breadcrumb” tracking, and adjust variables for local or long distance travel. Departments with multiple units can switch from unit to unit, controlling tracking information for each one.
An integrated motion sensor activates the tracker when movement is detected and lets it sleep when it is not in use, extending battery life. Field-testing has proven the tracking unit's battery life will last greater than 4 weeks with continuous use.


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